Here is exactly that case when real beauty can be bought.


Weddings, memorable dates, exhibitions, concerts, embassy receptions, fashion shows, presentations, photoshoots, benefits of clergy and feast's church services – events which turn weekdays into holiday.

We solemnize the moment, imbue with emotions and impressions, fix in memory with bright colours and heady fragrance.


To break stereotypes and think outside the box is hard and risky.
To see beauty in everyday things and reveal it for others is pleasant and fascinating.
This is what makes our work be art and a result be an artifact.


Shop windows, hotels and shopping malls lobbies, cafes and restaurants halls must dangle and whet.

We create glamorous atmosphere, point out brand soleness and unicity, turn an image into the dreamboat.

Flexibility and effectiveness

To work with different techniques and styles, with any natural materials is a main part of professional skills of a specialist in floral decor.
Selflessness and commitment to results are essential personal peculiarities of a specialist in floral decor.
Тhis way we succeed and cherish the most venturous idea.


The house where you want to come back, the fortress which you do not want to leave – the place of inner freedom, safety and comfort.

We fill the dwelling with the beauty and energy of nature, create the aura of peace and quiet.

Reliability and quality

To pick up someone's idea and develop it as your own one is a very important skill of team work.
To single aim and get share on the blame is a conscious choice of all teammates.
Team activity concept is our time provedrecipe of sustained quality and precision of performance of issued challenges.


How to explain yourself without words, bare your feelings and create respondent sentiments, express you gratitude, beg pardon, make an impression?

With the power of our talent we help to charm, surprise, tempt, show one's gratitude, move heart...