Home decor

Still the whole world is not completely saved by beauty, you may fill your own one with it.

Seasonal subscription

We offer you subscription on a seasonal collection. It means that every time at the beginning of the month you get a beautiful composition from our team which matches the season and definite month with its peculiarities. Get some tiny piece of nature. Do it for you! Cheer up!

Autumn collection – €90 for 3 months.

Photos of last collections are given as examples. Current seasonal compositions can differ.

Home style

Flowers will always make your house brighter and cosier. Rely on professionals of our team to arrange your house stylishly with live plants and decor. Make your house special and unique.

  • one room decor – €50
  • two rooms decor – €80
  • flat decor – €120
  • house decor – €200
Images may not match real compositions which you will order.